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DealCount review – 

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Hello, my friend! Today I will introduce you to a new product from Mario Brown. That is DealCount  . Today I will write a review of this product!




One of the most important things skills you can master when marketing online is: do more with less.

For example, if you get 100 people to hit your landing page, that is 100 eager eyes on your offer. If you can do something to make those 100 potential customers turn into more sales than they would otherwise, you are doing what can be the biggest growth engine for your business.

There are many ways to accomplish this, and one of the biggest things I focus on in my business is this very same thing. For that reason, our in-house lab is always building apps, customer support tools and conversion boosters that help our business reach the maximum audience, in a way that helps that audience and allows for a smooth customer experience.

And this brings me to our latest innovation – DealCount.

DealCount came from necessity.

We needed an app to easily and automatically update when our offers were about to sell out (as we sell lots of “100 only” type deals). We also needed to limit custom bonuses for affiliate offers sometimes.

After lots of searching, we found no such app existed, so we decided to create our own, and DealCount was born.

In fact, it worked so well for us, I decided to give it the full “get this ready for customers” treatment and turn it into a full on cloud based scarcity app that my customers can benefit from to.

DealCount does everything from full-on exit intent popups with live scarcity right through to small, subtle “proof” style notifications. If you market anything online, or for offline clients, this app has something for you.

Read the DealCount review article and buy it through my website to get more bonuses .


Product Creator:   Mario Brown
Product Name:  DealCount
Release Date:  2018-Mar-02
Release Time:   11:00 EST
Front-end Price: $37
Sales Page: click here
Type of Product:   software
Bonus: Below
Refund: 100% Money Back Guarantee

9.6 Total Score
DealCount review

DealCount is known as the world’s first real-time scarcity app which is packed with LiveAudio updates, countdowns, notifications and more.

  • Increase Conversions.
  • 100% Set and forget technology.
  • Work With Top Social Media.
  • Resources Savings (save time, money and efforts).
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

DealCount review

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What is this product ? DealCount review

DealCount is known as the world’s first real-time scarcity app which is packed with LiveAudio updates, countdowns, notifications and more. With DealCount, it is easier for you to increase your conversion, leads, and sales.

DealCount and OTO :

DealCount Templates
How Can You Maximize Both Revenue Streams The Fastest Way Possible? Simple. You Have Access To More, Newer & Higher Converting Templates Right From The Start This Allows You To Use More And More Scarcity For Your Business, Drive More Traffic & Generate More Leads

YOU Don’t Have To Worry About Any Of That Leveraging All The Hard Work We’ve Put Into Creating The Sales Material For DealCount

  • Professional Graphics Done!
  • Professional Sales Video Done!
  • Professional Copy Done!
  • Extremely High Server Speed Done!
  • Social Proof & Testimonials Done!
  • Amazing Customer Support Done!
  • Deep Funnel & All Pages Done!

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DealCount PRO
The PRO Version is for anyone that likes more possibilities, more functionality and more customization.

It’s also for anyone ready to maximize opportunities, to leverage DealCount to the absolute max For the highest profits, conversions & highest amount of leads + sales possible The PRO version gives you the ultimate edge over your competition And here’s the best part!

We priced this incredibly low so that anyone can afford it, so that everyone can go PRO We Want To Truly Over-Deliver & Make It Easy For Anyone To Start Generating Sales Right Away

Get it now !

DealCount AGENCY
This Is Where You Come In With Our Commercial License You’re 100% Free To Create & Sell Your DealCount Campaigns Any Way You Like This Option Is For Go-Getters, For Achievers Wanting To Really Finish This Year Strong & With Momentum So You Can Create Unlimited Campaigns For Your Clients, You Can Provide Everything As A Service You Can Sell Your DealCount Services On Freelance Sites or Fiverr Or Anywhere Online You Can Help Businesses In Your Local Area Offering Video Marketing For Their Companies You Can Help Businesses In Your Local Area Offering Video Marketing For Their Companies

Get it now !

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Key features  and benefits of DealCount

1With DealCount, you will be able to insert scarcity counter to your product pages in a few clicks. It will help you boost your purchase rate and give your page an extra advantage.

2Product Scarcity Real-time Countdown Timer

timer to any kind of product pages with the purpose of creating scarcity as well as urgency. With DealCount, it is easy for you to add a countdown timer to show a set number of discounted products or bonuses left before your campaign ends. It is proven that this method lets you boost conversion rates by more than 3%.

3Position DealCount EXACTLY How You Want It

DealCount can be positioned wherever you want, in any size and with practically any content, along with our advanced automated sales counting technology. You can make DealCount as subtle or dramatic as you want, creating everything from big, bold timers right through to small subtle notification bubbles.

4Customize DealCount To Your Heart’s Content

DealCount works and looks exactly however you want it to. We’ve put the power of customization in your hands with total custom design from size, colours, text, voice audio and backgrounds. It even has HTML mode so you can get as advanced as you want, if you want, or keep it all within our editing wizard.

5Never Lack For Backgrounds Again With Our Image Library

You won’t have to scour the net looking for the perfect background to use with DealCount. Why? Because we’ve built in a huge library of backgrounds that are royalty free and ready to use in our custom DealCount image library.

6DealCount Updates Visitors On Demand!

Did you know that this amazing software can dynamically update your visitors? For example, if you had only 50 items for sale and 20 were already sold, the very moment another sale came in, Deal Count would immediately announce that to your current visitors with a message saying, “hurry – now there’s only 19 left!”, while at the same time updating the text in real time. That way, people get off their butts and move to buy your products which means more revenue and higher conversions for you!

7Powerful Automation At Your Fingertips

With similar software, you’d have to manually go in and change the counter, the text, and even disable the counter once the sale finished. But with DealCount all of that is easily done for you. You can have it set to disable the display overlay when limits are reached automatically or you can choose to redirect the user to another site.

8Sound Notifications – Groundbreaking

New Feature To take it a step further, we’ve made DealCount have the option to have custom sound notifications on page load as well as when items are being sold. And this isn’t a delayed response. These notifications are in real time AS IT HAPPENS. And it’s all customizable and ready for you to choose from within the existing built in library.

9No More Generic Audio Messages – Deal Count Lets You Get Specific!

Whatever you want DealCount to say to help you increase sales, DealCount can handle it. You’ll be able to set custom speech notification which plays customized text with dynamic data. And yes, that includes live updated data too! ….or, you can just have DealCount give a welcome message with any text you define, or a comment about your offers expiry… have unlimited options.

10Deal Count Is Multi-Lingual Too!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what country someone buys from. Because money is money no matter what right? Well now you won’t have any problems using DealCount because we’ve included 64 different languages available for all your speech notification needs.

11Customize What Happens When The Timer Hits Zero

Along with the many other features that we’ve built into DealCount, you’ll also be able to choose what you want to happen specifically when the clock hits zero. You can hide the timer, redirect the user, or show a custom message as well.

12Payment Platform Integration Made Easy We’ve created DealCount to save time, remove manual work and function perfectly for major payment platforms. We have direct support for the IPN notification systems for JVZoo, JVShare, W+, Zaxaa, Thrivecart and Paykickstart. This means when a customer buys, DealCount will automatically update and trigger whatever you have set up for it to do.

13Exit-intent popup campaigns If you want to give people pause for thought before they leave your site, you can even set your DealCount campaign to only activate when a user goes to leave your site, grabbing heir attention like nothing else.

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What will you get from DealCount ?


Powerful new "All-in-one" Marketing App Generates Special Offers, Countdown Timers, Overlays, Real-Time Audio Messages, Full Screen Takeover Ads And More


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How does it work ?


Step 1. Log in and come to its dashboard


Step 2. Click “Create Campaigns” and start to edit it as you want


Step 3. Embed your campaign in just a click.

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Why should you get it ?

In my DealCount Review today, I want to say that DealCount is a useful scarcity and persuasion tool which is packed with features you need to significantly increase the chance of making buying decisions of your visitors as well as boost more engagement and revenue. In addition, it is a cloud-based app so there is no need to install and you can follow up quickly with the support of its detailed training.

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Try Deal Count For The Next 30 Days 100% Risk Free And See It Boost Sales And Conversions For Yourself! I don’t want you to decide right now – Just Try Everything At My Risk for the next 30 days and see for yourself how amazingly simple it is for DealCount to help you boost your sales and conversions starting today.

If for any reason DealCount doesn’t work for you (which I know it will) or you feel that I haven’t lived up to my end of the deal then I want you to send me an email requesting a prompt and courteous refund.

Still, I’m taking on all the risk and you have absolutely nothing to lose. You come out on top either way.

Thanks for reading DealCount review . That is all I want to share with you about this product. I hope you enjoy this article!

Frankly, Thank you for perusing my DealCount review . Expectation you could discover valuable data here. Want you to enjoy all that life has to offer.

You will receive the bonus below if you purchase this product via the link on my website. Note: The bonus offer applies only to customers purchasing DealCount through my website. – The number of bonus only applies to the first 50 customers when buying goods through my website after you purchase DealCount  via the link on my website you will receive all the bonuses below for free. You will not have to pay any fees to get the bonus below

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HOW TO CLAIM DealCount Bonus?

1.Get product through my link in product review page

2. After completing your order, send the receipt to my email account at:

3. You will receive ALL BONUSES WITHIN 24 HOURS Thank you for reading DealCount review, hope it helps

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