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NativizeWP review – 

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Hello, my friend! Today I will introduce you to a new product from Rikzy Jezuli. That is NativizeWP . Today I will write a review of this product! 

NativizeWP review



What if you didn’t have a traffic problem?

Actually, what most websites have is a “Conversion Problem!”

This is because most websites disregards the fact that different people come to different parts of a website for different reasons!

So, what if you can segment your visitors and show them the “perfect offer” that make them say “that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for”

Well, that’s EXACTLY what NativizeWP does, literally within 90 seconds!

This is an Intelligent, but stupid simple wordpress plugin that lets you apply the “Principle Of Exact Targeting” just like Google and Facebook! 

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Product Creator:  Rikzy Jezuli
Product Name:     NativizeWP
Release Date:  2018-Feb-23
Release Time:   10:00 EST
Front-end Price:  $27
Sales Page: click here
Type of Product: software
Bonus: Below
Refund: 100% Money Back Guarantee

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What is this product ? – NativizeWP review 

NativizeWP is a plugin that now lets me create laser targeted ads and show it in a way that makes the say “ah, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! 

AND finally, transform my website from “dumb” to “clever”


This is how almost all websites use the space available the the sidebar, footer area or other widget areas: no matter which part of your website your visitor is looking at, they will always see the exact same content.


Using NativizeWP, you can easily show highly relevant offers in your sidebars. Instead of a generic offering that barely raises an eyebrow, you can show your visitors the kind of thing that makes them say ​“this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”

NativizeWP and oto  :

OTO1: NativizePro > see detail <

NativizePro comes with over 67+ Conversion boosting features which are not found in any other pop up plugins out there. Just have a look at some of these awesome features below.

Fully Customizable

Tweak exactly how your popup looks. Add custom colors, set display size, and even add rounded corners.
If you want users to focus on your popup without distraction, turn off scrolling while it is visible.


Timing is Everything

When you display a popup can be just as important as the content itself. That’s why we have included advanced options for triggering pop-ups with precision based on time, location on the page, and even on CSS selectors and clicks.


Laser Targeting

More targeted your ads are, more attention it gets. That is why we’ve included a feature that lets you target only specific posts and pages in your website. So you can show your visitors the kind of thing that makes them say “this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!


Show Pop Based On Your Traffic Source

All traffic are not the same. So that’s why we have included this feature. You can show targeted offers to your visitors based on the traffic source. For example you can show a different pop up for traffic from Facebook.


Preview Edits – Live

As you make edits to your popups, NativizePro lets you quickly preview them – live – without clicking Save first.
Love one of your existing popup designs? Duplicate it and save time building your next campaign.

Targeted Pop Ups For Mobile Visitors

Want to show a different pop up for your mobile visitors? Well, now you can! With NativizePro you can show pop ups exclusive to mobile traffic.

Entry Animations

Add some flare to your popup and really make it stand out with built-in reveal and close animations.

Pick from the list of 37 animations, including bounce, zoom, fade, flip, wobble, and slipping.

Geo Targeting

Boost the ego of your visitors. Show them more “localized” pop ups which in turn is proven dramatically boost their results!

Stunning Templates

Get started with one of three pre-made templates, each of which can be fully customized to look exactly how you want.
Each template features its own header style and layout for quick text and image placement so you can create beautiful popups in minutes.

Unlimited Colors

Take control of how your popup looks. Color-match appearance with your brand and site color scheme.

OTO2: Developer’s License For NWP and NPro > see detail <

OTO3: Epic Plugin Bundle > see detail <

OTO4: Reseller’s License > see detail <

Key features  and benefits of NativizeWP

Using the NativizeWP, you can easily show highly relevant content in your widget areas that gets more engagements.


    Instead of a generic offering that barely raises an eyebrow; you can show your visitors the k​ind of thing that makes them say “this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”


    NativizeWP acknowledges the simple fact that your website visitors are telling you a lot about themselves simply by which posts and pages they are looking at.


    With the NativizeWP, you can now determine precisely where your widget content should be shown to visitors, based on categories, post types and even for individual posts or pages!

And for you, that means more clicks, fewer bounces and higher conversion rates!


Use this Intelligent BUT Stupid SIMPLE Software to get more clicks, more leads & more Sales from your sidebars.

Show sidebars based on categories, posts, and pages

Create unlimited sidebars to target different segments of your audience.

Share custom sidebar configurations using the export feature.

No additional settings page

Trigger custom widget areas using filters..

Highly intuitive user inter phase.

How does it work ?

Step 1 : Create Your Sidebar In The Widgets Section

Go to the appearance and widgets section and create new sidebar and drag and drop the widgets you want to show in your sidebar.

step 2 : Add Content To Your Selected Widgets.

Choose the banners, optin forms or the other content you want to show in the widgets you selected.


step 3 : Choose the Targeting Options and Click
Save. That’s it! DONE

Select the where you want to show your sidebar across your website. You can filter by categories, post types or even choose a specific post or page. 

Why should you get it ? 

Then here is your chance to get NativizeWP for a crazy discount.

For the Initial launch of NativizeWP we’ve slashed the prices so that you get this awesome piece of software at a $20 DISCOUNT! 

 But this is not going to last forever, prices are going to go up as soon as the timer goes off, and it totally makes sense because we are actually selling it for a ridiculously small price right now.
 So please don’t wait because the prices are going to up by another $20 as soon as the launch period is over, so now is the best time to get in!

 You have a full 30 days to test drive this plugin , and if any reason you didn’t like it, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund within 24 hours.

Now we are able to give a full money back guarantee like this because we know that you’re gonna love this, and we know our plugin will help you skyrocket your clicks and sales without having to spend an extra dime.

f you’re not satisfied with NativizeWP for ANY reason, just let us know and we’ll get you a prompt refund.

Because we’re taking on all the risk, there is NO way you can lose…

…Unless you miss out on getting access to NativizeWP today at big discount.

Thanks for reading my NativizeWP  review . That is all I want to share with you about this product. I hope you enjoy this article!

Frankly, Thank you for perusing my NativizeWP  review . Expectation you could discover valuable data here. Want you to enjoy all that life has to offer.

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3. You will receive ALL BONUSES WITHIN 24 HOURS Thank you for reading my NativizeWP  review  , hope it helps

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