Some Controversial Thoughts

Even though it seems that BringTheFresh is gone now, perhaps in the future there will be an updated version of the low-cost online home business program. I remember back in 2013 when I first time has seen and became a member of the BTF program, there was plenty to new to discover, especially for a newbie like I was. But should you expect to get rich fast, definitely NOT! It’s a good start-learning low-cost way to dip the toes into the online marketing world.


Who is this for:

Anyone who is serious about creating a professional done for you, money-making website, that gets you to the top of Google and wants a simple solution without the frustration, pain, and endless hours trying to figure it out for themselves even if they have no technical knowledge or skills at all.

What’s it all about:

Kelly Felix the creator of Bring The Fresh really does for you what the name says! Creating completely new strategies to take you to the top of the game in your niche, strategies that are updated regularly to keep you making money and sharing your passion with the world and he guarantees to show anyone how to do this by copying his exact blueprint for making money online. The same blueprint he himself has used to make a ton of money??? and helped over ten thousand others to do the same already.

Once inside there are four simple steps to take to get to success:

Step 1 – Get your free website

Step 2 – Download your fast start guide

Step 3 – Watch your fast start videos

Step 4 – Say hi to thousands of BTF members on the forum

Your first site could be up on the web in as little time as an hour following Kelly’s step by step video blueprint and provides the motivation, tips, tools and techniques to keep you on the right path and help you do things faster.

And to make it easier you can do all this with a free blog and start to monetize the site instantly with awesome SEO, backlink, and opt-in tips and tricks, helping you make your site keyword rich, get top rankings on Google, and drive traffic to your sales funnel.


What you get:   

  • Your own Bring The Fresh Road Map
  • All the latest and most up to date news
  • Fast start guide and video series
  • Recommended tools
  • Power finish module
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Extra bonus videos

Add ons: For people serious about getting rich quick

Ultimate money shortcut – A series of monthly videos that shows you step by step all the shortcuts to making big money days online, including a personal video review on your site and how to improve it by Kelly himself as well as how you can copy one simple trick and add an extra $2400 a month to your profits. This is a must-have add-on to the program Bring The Fresh if you are serious about making money online.

  • Advanced SEO videos
  • Live site reviews
  • Interviews from the masters of internet marketing
  • Inside secrets to 7 figures
  • One on one coaching
  • And much more

What does it (USED?) to cost:

$7 for a one week trial

$97 one of payment if continue


What do I need to use it:

Laptop or computer

2 hours a day to learn and implement

Who is Kelly Felix?

Kelly Felix

Kelly Felix is a former Hollywood actor playing one of the important characters in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. But after he got bored of acting, or wasn’t a good enough actor, he decided to become an internet marketing (get rich quick ?) expert before making money online from the pc or laptop at home was popular. Like so, he claims to make millions of dollars online, which taking into account early ways of online (spamming) marketing and little competition, it’s not a surprise.