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Social Traffic Dashboard Review

Hey everyone, welcome to lifestyle programs reviewed, today I will be reviewing a program that will start your traffic journey generation using social media. It is called the social traffic dashboard and in a few moments, I will go into more detail about this excellent program from Sue Worthington.

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So first up let’s look at who this is for, what it’s all about, and then I will take you on a quick tour of the site where you can see firsthand the quality of content and value the program offers you, and then we will provide you a summary of the program.

What’s it all about:

Sue Worthington has many years of experience with social media and has put her knowledge into this fantastic system that takes you by the hand and shows you how to set up, implement and master the big 6 social media giants – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube and Linkedin…

With three membership levels, silver – gold, and platinum you can decide how much you wish to learn and what areas you need to master.

The Social Traffic Dashboard has been designed to take you to step by step through each module so that you can first learn the foundations, take action, tweak, and then when you are happy you can move onto the next area and do exactly the same until you have mastered each platform.

Social media is one of the top ways to stamp your authority on a niche or market, build a tribe of loyal followers, and monetize your sites through great content, regular updates, and sharing.  Using this fantastic system in just a very short time you will be able to set up a FB fan page or group, learn how to add links into your tweets, use Google+ to build a list, and much, much, more…

There is a roadmap to follow along so you don’t get overwhelmed and videos, transcripts, and further resources showing you exactly what and how to dominate social media and be the go-to person in your niche or market.


What you get:

Dependant on your membership level Sue provides a huge array of valuable content you can put to action straight away to build your business through social media fast… You can check out the video review above if you want to know exactly what you get as there really is too much to list here.

What do I need to use it:

All you need to use this fantastic resource is access to the internet and even if you are a complete newbie you will be up and running in no time.


Social Traffic Dashboard by Sue Hutchinson is an excellent resource for newbies or people that have been online for some time but haven’t yet managed to crack social media. The step by step training is easy to follow and simple to implement and we highly recommend this product if you want to get ahead of your competition, build a list of supporters and become the person people listen to in your market and get 5 stars from “Lifestyle Programs Reviewed”

Kelly Felix’s BringTheFresh Review

Some Controversial Thoughts

Even though it seems that BringTheFresh is gone now, perhaps in the future there will be an updated version of the low-cost online home business program. I remember back in 2013 when I first time has seen and became a member of the BTF program, there was plenty to new to discover, especially for a newbie like I was. But should you expect to get rich fast, definitely NOT! It’s a good start-learning low-cost way to dip the toes into the online marketing world.


Who is this for:

Anyone who is serious about creating a professional done for you, money-making website, that gets you to the top of Google and wants a simple solution without the frustration, pain, and endless hours trying to figure it out for themselves even if they have no technical knowledge or skills at all.

What’s it all about:

Kelly Felix the creator of Bring The Fresh really does for you what the name says! Creating completely new strategies to take you to the top of the game in your niche, strategies that are updated regularly to keep you making money and sharing your passion with the world and he guarantees to show anyone how to do this by copying his exact blueprint for making money online. The same blueprint he himself has used to make a ton of money??? and helped over ten thousand others to do the same already.

Once inside there are four simple steps to take to get to success:

Step 1 – Get your free website

Step 2 – Download your fast start guide

Step 3 – Watch your fast start videos

Step 4 – Say hi to thousands of BTF members on the forum

Your first site could be up on the web in as little time as an hour following Kelly’s step by step video blueprint and provides the motivation, tips, tools and techniques to keep you on the right path and help you do things faster.

And to make it easier you can do all this with a free blog and start to monetize the site instantly with awesome SEO, backlink, and opt-in tips and tricks, helping you make your site keyword rich, get top rankings on Google, and drive traffic to your sales funnel.


What you get:   

  • Your own Bring The Fresh Road Map
  • All the latest and most up to date news
  • Fast start guide and video series
  • Recommended tools
  • Power finish module
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Extra bonus videos

Add ons: For people serious about getting rich quick

Ultimate money shortcut – A series of monthly videos that shows you step by step all the shortcuts to making big money days online, including a personal video review on your site and how to improve it by Kelly himself as well as how you can copy one simple trick and add an extra $2400 a month to your profits. This is a must-have add-on to the program Bring The Fresh if you are serious about making money online.

  • Advanced SEO videos
  • Live site reviews
  • Interviews from the masters of internet marketing
  • Inside secrets to 7 figures
  • One on one coaching
  • And much more

What does it (USED?) to cost:

$7 for a one week trial

$97 one of payment if continue


What do I need to use it:

Laptop or computer

2 hours a day to learn and implement

Who is Kelly Felix?

Kelly Felix

Kelly Felix is a former Hollywood actor playing one of the important characters in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. But after he got bored of acting, or wasn’t a good enough actor, he decided to become an internet marketing (get rich quick ?) expert before making money online from the pc or laptop at home was popular. Like so, he claims to make millions of dollars online, which taking into account early ways of online (spamming) marketing and little competition, it’s not a surprise.


Chris Farrell’s CMM Review

Who is this for:

Chris Farrell’s membership site is for people new to internet/online marketing or for people who have some experience but need help, support, and guidance to really explode their business, get their product/service up and profitable and move towards working online full time.

What’s it all about:

Chris has been voted internet coach for three consecutive years by IM Report Card, in 2011, 2012, and 2013 and this membership site is a testament to this. Chris takes you by the hand and leads you through this proven roadmap in a step by step, easy to follow process and guides you at every turn.

If you are looking for a way to get your service/product online without the frustration and problems that most people new to this industry suffer then this product is for you. It takes the guesswork out of what steps you need to take and in what order to take them in and is supported by video and written copy.

There are the 10 minutes to success training area which provides 31 days of content, designed in short 10-minute training videos that take you from knowing nothing to having your product/service up and on your own website, with traffic being sent through the sales funnel and your list of prospects growing rapidly.

Chris uses the E.A.S.Y system to help you learn:

E = Explain

A = Action

S = Summary

Y = You (what you have to do next)

This really simplifies the process and makes learning easier, more enjoyable, and faster, not to mention more manageable. Nearly all training videos are kept to under 10 minutes so you are not sat in front of your computer for hours on end getting overwhelmed and flooded with information overload.

Chris has also implemented a learn and earn system within the site and this helps you to manage your own time, training syllabus, and downtime (learning time) in an efficient and constructive process. The learning time is the length of the video and the earned time is the amount of time you will need to action what you have learned. Very simple.

There is also a forum that you have access to at any time which is a great place to meet other like-minded people, build relationships and find J.V partners to work with as well as gain valuable knowledge and impart your skills and knowledge, helping others.

The membership provides unlimited web hosting (which can cost more than the membership price itself) and has ready-made templates, auto-responders, traffic tools, and much much more on the site.

What you get: 

  • 7 day trial for only $7
  • Unlimited web hosting
  • Done for you templates
  • Access to the forum (worth its weight in gold)
  • Access to future events and seminars for free
  • Ongoing coaching and support by Chris and his team
  • Excellent customer service, advice and tips
  • A proven easy to follow the roadmap
  • Plus more                                   

What does it cost:

$7 for a 7-day trial

Only $37 a month after

Includes 60-day full money-back guarantee

What do I need to use it:

Computer or laptop

What results can I expect:

Dependant on how much you know about the industry, however even without a product, little or no knowledge Chris will guide you to having your own website up and profitable in as little as 31 days. 


This is a must-have system if you are new to internet marketing, make money online, and provides you all the tools you need to get your business up and running. I would even recommend it to people with experience who are not getting the results they want.

It takes the guesswork out of internet marketing and puts you firmly in the driving seat, guiding, supporting, and teaching you everything you need to create a successful business online.

The training videos are easy to follow and Chris and his team make the process of learning, implementing, and building your product seamless.

If you want a successful online business, where you can automate your work and take it anywhere in the world and make money then get this excellent course and join thousands of others online and start living life.

TubeLaunch Review

Tube-launch is for anyone who wants to make money working from their laptop or computer anywhere in the world at any time. You don’t even need a product, a list or a website to make money from this system, just the time to spend 1-2 hours a day (or more depending how much money you want to make) driving traffic to selected videos you have chosen to promote, and the best part is they show you where to get the videos from as well.

What’s it all about:

Tubelaunch is a simple step by step system that shows you how to use affiliates programs to use their videos and sales funnels to create an income of your own promoting their sites. All you do is locate 1 or more affiliate sites (they show you how to do this) and upload the squeeze page videos to your You Tube page, and drive traffic to the video. All you need to do is place your affiliate id (they show you how) in, under and at the end of the video (or wherever you wish, the more t he better) for people to click on to find out more. Once they go through the sales funnel and purchase the product you receive a commission (usually around 75%) with a monthly residual income if you choose sites that have a pay monthly option (such as a membership site.)

Once you have made your first site profitable you can move onto the next affiliate program or even promote several if you have the time and link these videos together (they show you how) to generate even more traffic.

The biggest benefit to this system is that once you have traffic going to your videos your job is done. Rather than going through the process of finding a profitable niche, creating your product, building a website, creating a free offer, designing a compelling squeeze page, building a sales page that converts, having upsel offers on the back end, adding a series of autoresponders and all the other work involved in making money online it is all done for you by professionals. All you need to do is drive traffic to the videos and they do the rest for you.

Simply put it is a very clever affiliate system that shows you how to profit from other peoples hard work, and the best part is you have a ton of affiliates in various niches all jumping up and down with excitement when you send people to their site and they purchase their product.

It is truly a win/win situation with a huge amount of products available in multiple niches for you to choose and promote and they show you how to do all of this and start to build your own residual income. There is also a forum for you to chat to others and find out what niches are profitable, exchange ideas and get tips and techniques to boost views.

And if that is not enough (we don’t want to overwhelm you) there is also an opportunity to join their sister site and get paid to take surveys for a really low cost, where just for completing online surveys big companies pay you cash! Most of the surveys take less than 20 minutes to complete and you can earn anything from $12 – $75 per survey creating another stream of income.

What you get: 

  • Step by step video training that takes the guesswork out of how to become profitable
  • Done for you marketing tips and tricks
  • Explanation on how to get going and making money quickly
  • Access to the forum (worth its weight in gold)
  • Support centre
  • A proven easy to follow roadmap
  • Plus more


What does it cost:


Includes 60 day full money back guarantee

What do I need to use it:

Computer or laptop

You Tube account (if you haven’t got one they show you how)

Website (optional, they even show you how to get a ready-made top site very inexpensively)

What results can I expect:

Results will vary depending on how much traffic you drive to the videos and how many products you are promoting. With that said all of the hard work is done for you and if you can follow a simple, proven and done for you system you should be making money in no time.

And with the 60 day money back guarantee you can try it completely risk free!


If you don’t have a product, a website, a list or anything else you need to make money as an internet marketer this is a great launch pad to make money online and learn how to use You Tube and Social Media to build a residual income with other people’s products and experience.

It is very simple to set up and implement and the only thing stopping you from making money is your commitment. You cannot just upload a video and expect traffic to come to you, there must be some work from you involved to get people to view the videos on your page. With that said if you are willing to put 1-3 hours of work and effort into this system you will soon be very happy you made the decision to give this program a shot.

Plus you also get to learn some awesome marketing tips and tricks if you ever want to launch your own product and how the big boys make their millions.

The only downside I found with the system is that you won’t be able to build your own list form this program, instead having all the traffic go straight to the list of the person whose product you are promoting. However this is a small price to pay for the rewards you can receive.

Get Cash for Surveys Review

Very strange program promising to make thousands of dollars for simply giving your opinion by completing simple surveys. The guy behind the Get Cash for Surveys, Garry Mitchell, probably didn’t think through, when he created this program, that absolute vast majority of people won’t make money with this, but waste the time trying to. That’s my honest review but shouldn’t be taken as definite proof. For all those years, I just haven’t seen many REAL people making money with this, but read the description review below to make your own picture.


Who is this for:
This system is for anyone who wants to create an extra income just by completing surveys online in an honest and straight forward way and get paid for it.
What’s it all about:
Gary Mitchell (no relation) has created a simple, easy to use and interesting way to make extra money in your spare time or more full time completing surveys online for large corporations in various areas. I was so surprised how easy it was to use and they will even help you set up your money-making website valued at $$$ for FREE…

Major companies around the world are desperate to get your opinion to help improve their products and help them sell more. These companies spend BILLIONS of dollars per year doing this research and they are willing to share a lot of that money with you in order to get you to spend the time taking surveys which helps them.

Generally, you need to start out by registering with all of the survey companies located in our survey database. This is going to take you some time they have hundreds of survey companies that they work with, but it is very important to complete if you plan on making a good income from taking surveys.

Once you are registered with these companies, they have all your information and when they have a survey available that needs users in your demographic, they will email you and you can get started. If you only join a few survey sites, you might only get a few survey opportunities per month- whereas if you join hundreds of companies you can have a constant supply of paying survey jobs and even the opportunity to test new products and keep them afterward.

Here are the simple steps to follow

Step 1 – Read the getting started guide (takes under 3 minutes)
Step 2 – Get your free website (valued at $$$?)
Step 3 – Join the hundreds of companies in the survey database
Step 4 – Start taking surveys and getting paid

What you get:
Complete start guide
List of hundreds of survey sites willing to pay to money to complete surveys
Free website valued at $$$?
Access to further make money online resources for free including:
Get paid to write articles
Get paid to read emails
Get paid to eat out
Get paid to be a secret shopper

What does it cost:
$74 ???
Includes a 60-day risk-free money-back guarantee

What do I need to use it:
Laptop/computer and internet access

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