Very strange program promising to make thousands of dollars for simply giving your opinion by completing simple surveys. The guy behind the Get Cash for Surveys, Garry Mitchell, probably didn’t think through, when he created this program, that absolute vast majority of people won’t make money with this, but waste the time trying to. That’s my honest review but shouldn’t be taken as definite proof. For all those years, I just haven’t seen many REAL people making money with this, but read the description review below to make your own picture.


Who is this for:
This system is for anyone who wants to create an extra income just by completing surveys online in an honest and straight forward way and get paid for it.
What’s it all about:
Gary Mitchell (no relation) has created a simple, easy to use and interesting way to make extra money in your spare time or more full time completing surveys online for large corporations in various areas. I was so surprised how easy it was to use and they will even help you set up your money-making website valued at $$$ for FREE…

Major companies around the world are desperate to get your opinion to help improve their products and help them sell more. These companies spend BILLIONS of dollars per year doing this research and they are willing to share a lot of that money with you in order to get you to spend the time taking surveys which helps them.

Generally, you need to start out by registering with all of the survey companies located in our survey database. This is going to take you some time they have hundreds of survey companies that they work with, but it is very important to complete if you plan on making a good income from taking surveys.

Once you are registered with these companies, they have all your information and when they have a survey available that needs users in your demographic, they will email you and you can get started. If you only join a few survey sites, you might only get a few survey opportunities per month- whereas if you join hundreds of companies you can have a constant supply of paying survey jobs and even the opportunity to test new products and keep them afterward.

Here are the simple steps to follow

Step 1 – Read the getting started guide (takes under 3 minutes)
Step 2 – Get your free website (valued at $$$?)
Step 3 – Join the hundreds of companies in the survey database
Step 4 – Start taking surveys and getting paid

What you get:
Complete start guide
List of hundreds of survey sites willing to pay to money to complete surveys
Free website valued at $$$?
Access to further make money online resources for free including:
Get paid to write articles
Get paid to read emails
Get paid to eat out
Get paid to be a secret shopper

What does it cost:
$74 ???
Includes a 60-day risk-free money-back guarantee

What do I need to use it:
Laptop/computer and internet access

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