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Slingly is an eCommerce platform that gives eCommerce business owners the chance to stand out from the competition. It has a full team of designers and developers to help you maximize your website’s potential. The company has been in development for over two years and has spent over $150K to grow its team and add features.

The system allows you to sell any product you want, from physical goods to digital products. Its founder, Ricky Mataka, is an advanced programmer and has built several applications for big-name advertising agencies. He has created products like Brand Builders Academy, Shoplicate, and Video Traffic Siphon. This platform is meant to give people the ability to set up online stores in minutes. It offers almost every product line that an e-commerce business needs to be successful. The program is easy to use, and it works with all major e-commerce platforms including Amazon and eBay.

The Slingly team has spent two years developing the software. In that time, it has paid out more than $250k in commissions to clients. Since the launch, this software has benefited more than 100 thousand clients. The team of Slingly has not included this money from its private dealings and other software services. Slingly expects to double its client base in the next two years. In short, Slingly is a legit software that has been hailed as the next big thing in the e-commerce industry.

Slingly also offers a way for customers to earn petty cash. They can promote the podium to a friend or relative and receive a great commission. Depending on how many people you refer, a person can make up to 40 thousand a week. The method for earning is different for each person. The mode for earning is dependent on whether you are a current client of Slingly or a person referred to them by a friend.

In addition to a great marketing strategy, Slingly offers a community where customers can ask questions and discuss ecommerce strategies with one another. The community can also help you with your marketing, since it offers Facebook ads pre-approved by their team. Furthermore, Slingly has several integrations with eCommerce platforms, including Shopify.

The Slingly PRO aims to help online store owners solve their tech heavy debt issues by handling product fulfillment at a profit margin. The software allows you to create a professional product line in minutes and load it across multiple platforms in seconds. It is designed to integrate with Shopify, Etsy, and Groove Kart.

The Slingly platform has everything you need to start an e-commerce business. Whether you’re selling physical products or digital goods, Slingly will help you grow and succeed. There are pre-loaded products and thousands of designs to choose from. The software also helps you manage your inventory and source products through their platform.

Slingly eCommerce platform review


Ricky Mataka Review

Ricky Mataka

Ricky Mataka is a successful 7 Figure SAAS and Marketing Mastermind who has 18 years of experience in online business development. He has made more than $12 million online since 2011 and has run marketing operations for numerous 7-figure eCommerce companies. He has also developed several advanced products and has helped countless entrepreneurs build their online business.

He has created a platform called Slingly PRO, which consists of all the tools a business owner needs to succeed. Ricky Mataka is considered the master of product creation, and has built his business from the programming world. Throughout his 17 years in the internet marketing industry, he has created more than 20 best-selling products.

Despite his multi-millionaire status, Mataka’s business model is based on proven strategies. His products help business owners create, promote, and sell products online. His Slingly Pro program is an eCommerce software automation program that will help you build a sustainable eCom business. It features over 18,000 professional designs and 32 product types.


Ricky Mataka Slingly review

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