The Crypto Trading Course by Dan Hollings

The Plan: Grid Bot Gold – Phase 1

Dan Hollings  and his team are reopening the registrations for the highly popular and successful crypto trading course conveniently called The Plan: Grid Bot Gold, which is the 1st phase out of 4 phases available for registration.

The phase 1 is the foundational backbone of The Plan, and it’s all about, as the name describes it, grid bot trading using the crypto trading software that Dan Hollings himself chose as the best and most effective when it come to crypto bot trading out of dozens of different apps available on the market.

The tool is a third party software and Dan Hollings has nothing to do with the development and management of it, except some smart suggestions that he passed onto the developers to make this crypto trading tool even better than it originally was.

The Plan: Defi – Phase 2

The second phase of the Plan is all about DeFi – Decentralized Finance, and it’s totally optional towards the phase 1. In this phase Dan dives deep into the new way of decentralized financial world, what it exactly is, its pro and cons, and how to benefit from it on the large scale. Learn about finding the best DeFi long-term projects that are going to explode in the upcoming few years, and much more. If you would ever wanted to know anything and everything about DeFi, Dan is the man.

The Plan: Rebalancing – Phase 3

The third phase of the Plan is called Rebalancing, and it’s absolutely optional and not necessary to get along with the phase 1, as it goes over the different aspects of crypto such as stable coins, staking and best places with highest staking yield, and how to rebalance you hodling portfolio for maximum profit.

The Plan: Phase 4

The forth and last is the phase 4, where everyone will explore an extra additional steps and optional setting of grid bot trading which Dan didn’t share in the phase 1 Grid Bot Gold, that can help you to gain more control over the trading crypto bots when things that are not expected happen, like crypto market crash, low wigglers, trading leveraged tokens, and more. Best thing about this phase is that it is available 100% FREE to anyone who buys The Plan phase 1 as Dan’s gift for trusting in his course.



Is “The PLAN” Truly The BEST Crypto Course?

The plan is a simple yet effective method of earning money with crypto using automated grid bot software. It has helped many people earn tens of thousands of dollars in just a few months. The first lesson of the training is scheduled and starts by the end of the month. The complete course is divided into 4 separate phases, starting with The Plan Phase 1 – Grid Bot Gold as an entry and most important phase. While the beta testing has been done in its early stages of the course, now we are already seeing great results from a larger group of users that consists of thousands of people from many different countries all around the world. This is a great way for those who are tired of trying to catch crypto moon-shots and want to finally make money online with crypto, pocketing daily income profits.

Who Is Dan Hollings?

Dan Hollings is an internet marketing legend. He has explored just about every aspect of crypto trading. In the Secret movie, he was the main marketing expert. He has also invented many new business models and marketing strategies. His plan will help you earn money in the crypto world. But this doesn’t mean that it is easy to follow. While most people may not be able to understand how to invest in crypto, Dan Hollings’ crypto course¬†is easy to understand and implement.

Why You Need The PLAN?

The Plan makes learning crypto trading easier. With the use of bots, you can learn to trade in different types of cryptocurrencies. The robots won’t panic sell, take loans, or buy and sell crypto. They don’t have emotions. In addition, the robots are completely automated and don’t require manual trading. This allows you to focus on other important aspects of your trading and your investments. When it comes to gaining profit from cryptocurrencies, the plan is the way to go.

The Plan is a safe and effective method of investing in crypto markets. While it is not a crypto fund, it teaches you how to profit from ups and downs in the market. With this plan, you can earn profits in the crypto market with minimum resources and lowest risk. It is a set-and-forget passive income system that you once in a while check and do some maintenance, and that’s it. This is not exactly an investment but rather income generating machine designed to run for a long time, and the best part of it is that it requires no knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry.

The Plan has become the most popular crypto course in a few months of time, reaching tens of thousands of students around the world.

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